5 Homesteading Skills

5 Homesteading Skills You Should Learn

When it comes to learning to homestead, I feel there are lots of skills to learn. I’ll cover a short list, 5 homesteading skills you should learn. I’m sure I’ll keep building on this list or making new posts with more skills because there are easily 15 skills I can think of but I’m wanting to keep it short and prevent overwhelm for any new homesteader.

5 Homesteading Skills You Can Learn

Most of these skills will be related to the garden over animal care but still important as gardening means you are able to provide and grow food for yourself or your family.

1. Gardening

When it comes to homesteading, gardening is a good place to start. Growing your own food can feel magical and wonderful. More than just growing your own food though, you’ll want to make sure you grow some flowers to bring pollinators to your yard so you don’t have to hand pollinate the flowers that grow on your garden food plants. Gardening also is simply, growing your own food. You can do container gardens, raised garden beds, or have a small garden patch, you’ll be able to grow food. There’s ways you can grow no matter your space or skill level. We use a raised gar bed along with containers. We’ve even used some old tires to grow our pepper plants in so they’re in their own space.

2. Preserving Food

When you begin gardening it’s usually to feed yourself but if you have a plant produce more than you can consume, you should learnt o preserve that food. Something like a tomato plant can produce so many tomatoes that canning them can be beneficial. Peppers can be chopped and frozen or freeze dried. There’s lots of way to preserve foods so learning how to do that for what you are growing is a good place to start. No need to learn to can something you don’t even grow.

5 Homesteading Skills

3. Cooking

Although you might know how to cook, it’s good to have a good idea of things you can cook with the foods you are growing. I cook a lot of pasta and grow a good amount of tomatoes so learning to turn those tomatoes into a sauce is helpful for what cook. If you grow lots of carrots or lettuce, knowing how to use those carrots in meals or making a lot of salads or how to use lettuce or cabbage is a great thing to learn.

4. Chicken Keeping

If you’ve read almost any blog of ours or have seen our YouTube channel, you know we have chickens and that we love having them on our homestead. So it makes sense this one made the list. Chickens are great for eggs but can also be kept for meat. Depending on what you want from your chickens will depend on the breeds you get. You have breeds specific for egg laying and some breeds giving you more eggs per week over other breeds. Some chickens are just meant for meat, usually the Cornish Cross. If you want chickens for eggs and meat, check out heritage chicken breeds.

5. Fruit Trees

Having a few fruit trees on your property can be great. They provide you food while also providing some shade as well as they grow and mature. I don’t suggest starting a tree from a seed but rather buying them locally from either another farm if they offer that or going to a local store that gets in trees that grow in your area. On our property we have a peach tree, two different orange trees, and a lemon tree. These are fruits we enjoy eating or juicing. Make sure to learn how to prune the trees to help it grow better which in turn gives you a better fruit yield in the upcoming season.

If you are keeping animals, chickens or another poultry or livestock, make sure to know the laws of your city and county or even the HOA if you have one. If you live close to your neighbors you might want to make sure they don’t mind you having chickens or other farm animals if they are allowed. It definitely wouldn’t be fun to have neighbors hating you or calling authorities on you often because of the animals being a nuisance.

If you have neighbors far away, building a relationship with them is also good and important because you never know when you will need help with something and knowing they are willing to help if needed is a wonderful thing.

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Getting started in chickens or want ing and needing some coop ideas? Here’s a post for that.

Comment below what you think are your top 5 homesteading skills other homesteaders should learn?

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