Best Egg Laying Chickens - Photo of Speckled Sussex Chicken

Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

If you are opting to get chickens for their eggs, knowing some of the best egg laying chicken breeds is important. There are some that lay more eggs than others and in different sizes. I’ll share the best egg layers based off my research and breeds I own or my friends own that lay eggs really well.

Best Egg Laying Chickens

  1. Golden Comet lays around 280 medium brown eggs annually.
  2. Rhode Island Red chickens lay around 250 medium brown eggs each year.
  3. Leghorns are good egg layers and they lay around 250 medium white eggs.
  4. Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock) chickens lay roughly 200 small to medium eggs annually. They range in color from medium brown to white.
  5. Easter Eggers are quite proficient egg layers. They lay around 250 medium to large eggs yearly. They tend to lay a pretty blueish green egg and even sometimes pink eggs.
  6. Speckled Sussex are beautiful chickens that lay between 250-300 brown eggs annually.
  7. Black Australorp chickens lay around 250 eggs each year.
  8. Buff Orpington chickens are also pretty good egg layers, they lay around 200 eggs annually.

I own Easter Eggers and a Barred Rock (bantam) and they lay an egg almost daily for me. I’m thankful for owning these two breeds and plan to eventually get a leghorn or golden comet once we expand our coop. About half of our chickens aren’t of laying age currently aside from about 4 or 5 of them. We mostly have Easter or Olive Eggers but do have some other breeds as well. This year I’m excited to add Speckled Sussex chickens to my flock as well as a few other breeds that don’t make this list. We got our chickens for eggs, so I felt it’s important to share the best egg laying chicken breeds I know.

What chicken breeds do you have that lay eggs for you really well?

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Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds - Chicken Breeds that lay eggs daily - Chickens that produce eggs daily and product over 250 eggs yearly

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