Goat Milk Uses

Goat Milk Uses – 8 Ways to use Goat Milk

I’ve been loving goats milk and wanted to share a few ways you can use goat milk. You can do more than just drink the milk from your goats. Goats are the one animal we plan to get once we get more land. We do homestead currently on 1/4 acre and although we could “technically” have a goat on our land, they just wouldn’t be happy being by themselves and I personally don’t feel 1/4 acre is enough for a goat. Here I share different and fun goat milk uses.

Goats are herd animals and with that, dairy goats provide milk when they have a kid. That milk can be shared with eh calf but the milk you get from the mother can be used in so many ways.

Goat Milk Uses

Goat Milk Uses

  1. Drink Goat Milk – This is likely the most obvious use of goat milk. Many people enjoy drinking milk and why not drink goat milk if you have goats.
  2. Kefir – Goat milk kefir is similar to a drinkable yoghurt in both taste and texture. It’s made the same way as a cow milk kefir except that goat milk is used.
  3. Cheese – You can use milk from goats to make cheese. When I do get fresh goat milk, I tend to use it to make a variety of cheeses. I mostly use it to make cheddar or mozzarella cheese.
  4. Milkshakes & Smoothies – You can use goat milk in smoothies and milkshakes. My kids both love their smoothies and shakes with goat milk over cows milk. You can also freeze the milk in cubes to use in smoothies too.
  5. Ice Cream – If you enjoy making ice cream, then definitely give it a try with using goat milk. The flavors are endless that. you can create.
  6. Soap – If you are a crafter or someone who likes to make homemade things, check out soap making. Goat milk soap is known to help skin issues but also a common way to use goat milk.
  7. Butter – There is nothing like fresh made butter. You can even use goat milk to make it and that’s something I didn’t know until recently. I haven’t made it myself but have a friend who makes goat milk butter and it’s so good.
  8. Fudge – Fudge is so delicious and using milk from a goat makes it so creamy and good. You can use it to make a variety of flavors including peanut butter and chocolate.
  9. Cajeta – Cajeta is a Mexican caramel sauce and can be used on so many things. Use it on top of deserts, ice creams, and even apples. It’s a great way to use goat milk.
  10. Cottage Cheese – I really enjoy cottage cheese as does my husband. So this is a great thing to make with goat milk if you like it. You can check out this recipe to make it yourself.

Homestead Life

Curious about other animals on the homestead? Check out this post about turkeys on the homestead. You can always decide to do just gardening to begin with if you don’t want to start with animals. Chickens are also usually the first animal on the homestead.

Our homestead consists of gardens, chickens, quails, and turkeys. We only have the turkeys to raise for our Thanksgiving meal though.

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