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Homesteading Podcasts – My Top 5 Podcasts To Listen To

I’ve been listening to so many more homesteading podcasts and some of them have been super amazing in my opinion. I always love coming across new podcasts so I can learn more information as I’m still new to homesteading.

I’ve never been big into podcasts until recently. I’ve always preferred watching videos on youtube or reading books to learn. Listening to a podcast though is so easy. I can tune in while I’m driving, cooking a meal, cleaning, or anything else really.

Due to the fact I listen to them while I drive and having young kids, I don’t want to listen to ones that say words kids shouldn’t say (potty words if you will). I like homesteading podcasts that discuss their own experiences, are inspiring, and have engaging hosts. Here are my current five favourites I can’t get enough of.

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My Top 5 Homesteading Podcasts

1. Homesteady – Stories of Living off the Land

This podcast is great and I wish I had found it sooner but has a focus on sustainability. Austin has a wealth of knowledge and his podcasts are super informative, organized, and has some amazing guests too.

2. Pioneering Today

This podcast is hosted by Melissa Norris. She is a seasoned homesteader and has books too! She shares her stories on why she homesteads plus has recipes, FAQS, and info on canning, preserving, gardening, and more.

3. The Beginner’s Garden

This homesteading podcast is the newest one I’ve started listening to and I love it because I am finally beginning my garden. She shares her knowledge on building a trellis, growing a salsa garden, and more. She brings her faith into her love of gardening too.

4. Modern Homesteading Podcast

This is a great how to podcast. This podcast covers practical homestead skills and projects quite well. This homesteading podcast discusses things from gardening to livestock to food preservation.

5. Urban Homestead

This podcast is from a family operated city farm. They are highly productive and is great to see a working model for sustainable agriculture and self reliant for people living in a metropolis.

Homesteading Podcasts

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What are your favorite homesteading podcasts?

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