Seed Haul

Seed Haul & Garden Plan + Spring 2022

It might only be July but I’m getting ready to make sure I have the seeds I will want for planting in 2022. My seed haul consists of a variety of seeds that I’ll be using now but also next year as well. Being prepared for the spring garden is important. Another factor is that some of these you can plant in the winter inside, and then have them ready to be transferred outside when your zone allows for it.

Seed Haul

I got this haul of seeds either from Baker Creek or Johnny Seeds. I’ll note which seeds I got from which website; do keep in mind, some seeds I got from both sites so that is why a few you’ll see on both lists.

Depending on how big or how quickly the plant grows, will depend on how I start the plant. Sometimes I use these seed starter trays and I love them because they even come with labels. I also really like having these smaller pots too for when they outgrow the seed starter trays. They come in a few different colors but I never care what color these pots are as it’s not their forever pot anyways.

Baker Creek

  1. Cosmic Crimson Mix – Lettuce
  2. Echinacea Purpurea
  3. Chinese Pink Celery
  4. Yod Bah Chinese Broccoli
  5. Chinese Red Noodle – Long Bean
  6. Mary Washington Asparagus
  7. Brightest Brilliant Quinoa
  8. Mexican Sour Gherkin – Cucumber
  9. White Buckwheat – Grain
  10. Parisienne Carrot (This was my Free Seed Variety)

Johnny Seeds

  1. Buckwheat
  2. Mexican Sour Gherkin – Cucumber
  3. Black Trim – Heirloom Tomato
  4. Moskovich – Heirloom Tomato
  5. Cherokee Green – Heirloom Tomato
  6. Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix
  7. Wildfire Lettuce Mix
  8. Chives

So those are the varieties I ordered and that have arrived. I’m excited to starting planting some. I live in Zone 9a so we have a really long growing season. I’m thankful for that so I can do succession growing or after harvesting, plant a different variety of vegetables.

seed haul & garden plans
garden starts
vegetable garden

I always enjoying growing different varieties of tomatoes so I usually add a few new varieties every time I get some seeds. The buck where is great to grow because it helps with the soil but also provides ample food for my chickens.

What are some of your must have varieties that you love growing? What is your growing zone?

Curious what you can still grow this summer? Check out this Summer Planting post.

Seed Haul
Seed Haul & Garden Plans
Gardening in Zone 9a

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