Vegetable Garden in Zone 9a

What you are growing now is a bit different depending on where you live. I’m living in zone 9a and I recently just planted my backyard garden. My front yard garden was planted a few weeks prior. I’ll share below what I planted in both gardens.

Vegetable Garden

So in my front yard garden I planted corn, summer squash, zucchini, beans, and a few different variety of peppers. It isn’t super ideal for growing peppers but had the seeds and thought I’d give it a try anyways.

My backyard vegetable garden contains parsnips, two varieties of beans, bok choy, peas, Swiss chard, and sweet potatoes. Most of these should be able to grow and I use a super cool app to help me arrange plants and make sure I’m good with how I want them planted so they don’t negatively effect another plant.

Planter Garden - Vegetable Garden app

This app is super helpful because I can pick the variety I’m growing as well, take notes, set my location for information on spring and fall frost dates, and more! The app is called Planter and I know it’s available on the iPhone, not sure if you can get it on an android device but be sure to check.

What Can I Plant?

I did a post with some things you can plant in our zone. I’ll be planting other items in the next few days or weeks. I’m excited to get pumpkins directly into the ground though. I recently purchased an okra plant because I never bought okra seeds but that’s something else you can begin growing.

I’ll be doing a full post on fruits you can grow now too but that’s a more limited list of things.

Here is a list of what you can be planting in June and July.

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