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Meet Our Chickens

At the time I am writing this we currently have 13 chickens. Yes, you read that right, thirteen. When I asked my husband for chickens and quail he originally said no. When he did agree he was all “no more than 6 chickens at MOST” and clearly that isn’t the case.

This post will be an introduction to our chickens, three are roosters. It isn’t ideal to have this many roosters compared to hens but our flock all gets along.

We started off with getting three chickens from our local Tractor Supply. Two were Easter Eggers and one was unknown because it was mismarked but we believe she is a Sapphire Gem. One of those original Easter Eggers has passed so she won’t be in this post but she was beautiful and named Drumstick. You’ll notice we like food names, just wait.

Meet the Ladies

The first chicken you will meet is named Noodle. She’s our unknown but believed to be a Sapphire Gem. She’s the hen that basically rules the coop. She’s sweet but also a bit bossy. Noodle also lays beautiful brown eggs.

Next we have Alfredo. She’s an Easter Egger hen and one of our original chickens. She is quite docile and friendly but not always wanting to be picked up.

Meet Peck, she got her name because ever since she was a chick she would peck at our ankles and legs as well as our shoes.

The fourth lady is Nugget. She is definitely my son’s favorite chicken. He helped pick out her name and she’s gotten friendlier as she’s gotten older. We believe Nugget to be an Olive Egger but she hasn’t laid an egg yet so we can’t be certain she will give us olive eggs.

Meet Sly. She is our cross beak chicken. Her original owner died and the person who got all the chickens didn’t have the time to devote to her so I agreed to take her in and make sure she got the care she needs. I’ll do a post specifically on her in the future. Sly is an Ameraucana. Sly gives us beautiful blue eggs.

Oreo is our bantam barred rock and we got her from our local chicken rescue. She’s seriously the sweetest chicken ever. She’s a proficient egg layer and lays a small white egg for us almost daily or every other day. She’s so cute and silly that she lays her eggs in the food.

Junior got her name because she looked a lot like Alfredo did at a certain point and shadowed her too. Junior enjoys being pet and definitely loves exploring.

Orange is another hen and she looks so much like Junior it’s sometimes not easy to tell them apart. Orange is a mostly orange colored chicken with some grey feathers and definitely friendly.


Brûlée is a blue laced red Wyandotte that we got because she was young but not laying eggs. I took her just because she was pretty and we were still trying to grow our flock.

Flambé is some type of Maran from what we got told but we got her from the same people we got Brûlée from. I’m not 100% sure she is actually a Maran but she’s sweet regardless. She is also missing most of her top beak and we got her that way.

Meet the Roosters

The first roosters we got were silkies and they are definitely the sweetest boys but our hens totally took some time to adapt to them being around. The silkies are brothers and super cute. Our large fowl rooster is a rescue Ayam Cemani and he is so very loved by our flock and gets along with the other roosters we have too.

First we have Cloud and Rain. Cloud (right) is the lighter grey silkie and Rain (left) is the darker grey silkie. They are brothers and definitely stick together around the coop and run.

Liquorice is our Ayam Cemani rooster and he is from the same rescue we got Oreo from. He’s sweet and took to the ladies so quickly. He watches over them in the yard but also is close by anytime a hen is laying an egg. He is super friendly and docile too which is wonderful.

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